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Third Monday of Each Month

The Greene Count Agricultural Society Board of Director's Meeting is held on the third Monday evening
of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the conference room of the Administration Building.
If you have any questions, call 937-372-8621.

As Mr. Rogers would say:  "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood"....how right is that statement!  The fall colors on the trees just prove to me that God is the most beautiful artist ever!!  (Yeah, I know-then the leaves fall down and we have to rake them...) 

Just wanted to touch base with you since I haven't "talked" to you since the fair.  The Fair Board met and committees have been formed and we're off and rolling for the 2015 fair.  Perhaps some of you do not know that the Greene County Agricultural Society gives a $500.00 scholarship to a senior in high school who is either in 4-H or FFA.  Forms will be available in June 2015-but it isn't too late to put that on your calendar to stop in the office and get an application.

The Livestock Sales went well this year-personally I find working with  Producers and our Sale Committee has been just great.  Communication is the key to getting anything accomplished, and we had it this year from both the fair board and Producers!  There are some outstanding bills yet to be paid by the buyers; so if you bought Jr. Fair Livestock at either the Thursday or Friday auction, PLEASE pay your bill. If bills are not paid in a timely manner, then buyer's numbers will not be issued to that person for the 2015 fair sales.  The kids work so hard for their projects and they shouldn't have to wait for checks.  We are looking into the "add on" papers for next year; will keep you informed.

Entertainment-I know you all are waiting for the big announcement on who is coming this year.  Well, we are working on one for sure-maybe two concerts.  We aren't sure just yet, but I can tell you that Dan Bullen is working really hard toward getting some good grandstand entertainment.  Amy Test is looking for some talent for the Entertainment Center.  Already booked are Touch and Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers. 

We have a new phone system so hopefully you will be able to reach us easier.  We have roll over lines, so when our main line is busy, your call will be rolled over to the next available line.  It should work so much better!  That is, if we can get used to the phones  The phones we had after this office was rebuilt after the tornado were used phones that were already 25 years old, and let's see, we have had them since 2001...that makes them about as old as Keith Sheridan (don't tell him I said that) . Really, the phones started falling apart, so we bit the bullet and went to Office Depot and got new phones.  AT&T hooked them up, and now we are good to go-just as soon as we get the system memorized.  Not so sure I can keep up with all this new technology.  At lunch today, Warren Travis was playing with his new phone( instead of eating), and we got tickled because we older generation need to have one of the younger generation come teach us how to use them.  My smart phone is so much smarter than I am that I can't even get into my e-mails.  Sad for us old people.  Good for the young'uns. 

Put on the hot chocolate, pop some corn tonight and thank God that our military is fighting the war for us so that we can be free.  Often I thank God for me living in America-I am so lucky and blessed.  I never forget that...Until we visit again--Happy Fall!



We are currently planning the activities for the Entertainment Center. Watch for announcements!

What will we have as the Grandstand Entertainment at the Greene County Fair? We'll announce the latest as soon as it is finalized. Let us know what you hope we will have by contact us or by posting on our Facebook page.