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From Esther's Desk I see on the calendar it is almost the middle of March!  Time flies any more.  We're busy here putting together camping and parking for the fair; weekly tickets (REMEMBER--there is NO RE-ENTRY into the fair; best purchase a weekly ticket to let you in and out all week. Otherwise if you just pay the gate price, once you are in--you are IN and once you leave, you are OUT and have to pay again to come back in).  If you would like to be on the camping waiting list (we are all filled up for this year) please call and put your name on the list early. 

We have such special entertainment this year at the fair.  Straight from the Grand Ole Opery is Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers on Thursday night at the entertainment center.  On Sunday we have Touch-Floyd Weatherspoon just brought me in one of their pictures, and ladies, they are sharp dressers - singing the "oldie but goodies songs".  Come Tuesday evening, you all have been waiting for the announcement that Cole Swindell and Clark Manson will be with us for a 7:30 p.ml concert at the grandstand.  Tickets will go on sale Friday March 14th, 2014 until they are all sold out.  We have track seating and grandstand seating.  All tickets are $20.00 and that ticket admits one person into the fair as well as the concert.  We will begin selling tickets at 9:00 a.m. on Friday.  The phone number to call is on the website you are now on, just go to the toolbar and clique "concert" and it will take you to the page with all the information.  We do have a seating chart which will be on line soon.  We cannot sell pre-sale tickets; please understand that we have to follow the rules and regulations that are in the contract that we signed with Cole and Clark.  We will have 3 phone lines into the office to hurry up the process of ordering-but you only need to dial the one number; if that line is busy, then your call will roll over to the next available line.  We hope to set a record and sell out in two days!  We will be her on Friday the 14th and Sat. the 15th.  Be back in the office on Monday the 17th as well.  But get your ticket early-you don't want to miss this chance!

Be thinking about what you are going to enter the fair this year.  We hope that on our 175th celebration of our fair that we will have the buildings filled with all sorts of handmade/homemade goodies!  Pies, cakes, veggies;

Do any of you have old pictures of the fairgrounds that we could make copies of and give them right back to you? 

We are working on the fair book and hope it will be out early this year.  Our pens are in, so call your director in the township/city where you live and ask him/her to put them out for people to take.  We love to see people writing with our pens, We also have balloons - stop in if you can't find them anywhere. 

Several people have asked me if there was anything they could do for the fair.  Yes there is.  Being a sponsor of the fair would be wonderful. we have all prices of sponsorships-some come with a sign on the fence; but what better way to let the community know you support the fair.  Call us and we can send you the information or e-mail it to you and you can see your name - not in lights- but on the fence!  Hope you have a blessed day today-thank you for spending time with me.  Esther


We are currently planning the 2014 activities for the Entertainment Center.  Watch for announcements!



We are currently planning the 2014 activities for the Grandstand.  Watch for more announcements!