2020 Fair Dates: August 2-8, 2020


Thank You 2018 Livestock Sale Buyers

To view a list of the 2018 livestock buyers click here:

2018 Livestock Buyers 2018 Livestock Buyers (143 KB)



All persons interested in purchasing an animal at the Junior Fair Livestock Sales must hold a bidder’s number.

All parties wishing to participate in the current years livestock sales must have a current application for bidder’s number on file in the Greene County Fair Administration office.

Buyers of the previous year sales who are in good standing will receive a bidder’s numbers in the mail prior to the fair.

Any new buyers or buyers with completed applications who did not purchase at the livestock sales the previous year can obtain a bidder’s number in the Administration Office at the fairgrounds prior to the start of the fair, or in the Sales Office on sale nights. The Livestock Sales Committee will be providing the sales order handouts for the evening sales. 

If intrested in becoming a buyer please complete the below form and return it by email to greenecountyfairoh@gmail.com or to the Fair Office in person or by mail at 120 Fairgrounds Rd. Xenia, OH 45385.

2019 Bidder Application 2019 Bidder Application (149 KB)



Each lot will sell by premium bid to the highest bidder without reserve. Auctioneers and ring persons will take your bids. Every bid helps the momentum of the sale and the ultimate price a 4-H or FFA member receives for his or her project animal. When the auctioneer cries “SOLD”, the person with the highest bid is the purchaser. Auctioneers will settle any bid disputes and have the final decision.

The total amount that the buyer owes will depend on the buyer’s decision to send the animal to resale consignment or to send the animal to a custom processor.


Buyers can participate in the Junior Fair Livestock Auctions as single buyers or multiple buyers. Multiple buyer groups consist of a number of buyers contributing toward the purchase of an animal. Whichever method you use, your purchases will help fund junior fair exhibitors’ future projects and educational endeavors. 

If you would like to join others as a multiple buyer, this is what to do. 
Multiple buyer form: Use the “Multiple Buyer Form” to initiate and record any multiple buyer purchase. Pick up the form in the Sales Office during the fair.
Adult initiated: Only adults with a buyer number may put together a Multiple Buyer Form and solicit buyers to be a part of a multiple buyer purchase. The adult initiating the form MUST be one of the buyers listed on the form. No Junior Fair Exhibitors may initiate or solicit using a Multiple Buyer Form. 
Make a minimum $25 bid: Each buyer listed on the Multiple Buyer Form must make a minimum $25.00 bid towards the purchase. 
Completed Form at the Final Bid: Give the completed Multiple Buyer Form to the auction staff at the time of the final bid. List all the multiple buyers and the dollar amount of each bid towards the purchase price. 
Billing and Payment of Multiple Buyer Purchases: Each person listed on the multiple buyer form is responsible for his/her portion of the purchase. However, the person initiating the Multiple Buyer Form is ultimately responsible for uncollected monies. 
Multiple Buyer Purchases Involving Custom Processing: The individual(s) receiving the processed meat must be marked on the Multiple Buyer Form. These individual(s) will pay the resale value and their portion of the premium bid listed on the Multiple Buyer Form. 


You have the opportunity to use your purchase in one of the following ways: re-sale consignment or custom processing.

Re-sale: You pay only the premium bid. Your account is not credited the re-sale value. The exhibitor receives the re-sale price from the sales committee through the packer.

Custom processing: You pay the premium bid plus the re-sale value, plus processing fees, and receive the meat. Custom processing is not available for ducks, chickens, turkeys, or rabbits.  Purchasers using the custom processing options must use one of the processors with which the Sale Committee has made arrangements. Information about each processor is included in this pamphlet.  The Sales Committee provides transportation to all processors. It is the buyer’s responsibility to contact the processor directly with specific cutting and wrapping instructions.


Participate at Your Own Risk: All persons attending the sales do so at their own risk. The owners, sale management personnel or volunteers assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accident that may occur.
Bidder Number Confidentiality: Buyers are responsible for sharing their own bidder’s numbers with the youth they wish to support. Sales staff will not share bidder’s numbers with anyone other than bidders themselves.
Purchasers of Champions: The Ohio Department of Agriculture requires that the Champion and Reserve Champion market beef, lamb, hog, and goat go to harvest. These animals are to be consigned to United Producers Inc. for harvest.
Buyer Recognition: The Sales Committee will have a photographer at ringside to take photographs of the buyers with the Grand and Reserve Champion animals for media coverage. All buyers will receive recognition via a listing in the fair book and on the fair website.


Payment: All buyers are encouraged to make payment in the Sales Office on the day of the sale. Buyers can make payment using cash, check or credit card. (3% convenience fee for credit card purchases). Payment not received at the end of sale days will result in an invoice sent within seven (7) days of the close of the Fair to the buyer. Send payment within 30 days after receipt of your sale invoice.

Any Single Buyer Account Not Paid in a timely manner will be subject to prosecution, buying privileges for future sales will be denied and no buyer recognition will be received.

Any Multiple Buyer Account Not Paid will be considered past due and charged to the credit card of the Multiple Buyer Form Responsible Party. In addition to the uncollected funds, the responsible party will be assessed a late fee of $25 per month.

All Junior Fair Livestock Sale Accounts are subject to the above terms and conditions, unless a special arrangement for payment is made with the Livestock Sales Committee.

Returned Checks: Any returned check is subject to a $35 collection fee.

Exhibitor/Seller Payment: Exhibitors/sellers will not be issued their check until after the entire account has been paid in full whether there is one buyer or multiple buyers involved in the purchase of their animal. 

Weight of animal = 220lbs, Market Value = $0.60/lb.
       $300 +   $132          =                $432.00
Premium bid         Market Value Total paid to the exhibitor
Resale Consignment Option Example
Buyer pays premium bid ($300) to Livestock Sales Committee
Packer pays resale value ($132) to Livestock Sales Committee
Total paid by the Livestock Sales Committee to the Exhibitor minus sales commission and check-offs
Custom Procession Option Example
Buyer pays premium bid ($300) to Livestock Sales Committee
Buyer pays resale value ($132) to Livestock Sales Committee
Buyer pays any processing fees to custom processor
Total paid by the Livestock Sales Committee to the Exhibitor minus sales commission and check-offs
TOTAL BUYER COST = $432 plus custom processing fees

The Sales Office is located in Livestock Building 2 and will be open on sales days Thursday and Friday at 2:00 p.m.