2021 Dates - Aug 2-7

Fair Book for Greene County - Xenia, Ohio

Please find the 2020 Fair Book below:

Greene County Fair Book (Please refer to fair schedule for current 2020 events)

Please note as of 7/27/2020  the 2020 Greene County Fair is Jr. Fair ONLY. 



Click here for: Exhibitors Hall Guide

Entries close on Wed. July 22, 2020

All exhibitors in the Greene County Fair must purchase an exhibitors ticket to be eligible to enter. See page 29 for general rules & important dates.

Purchasing a weekly $30 or membership pass for $25 entitles you to exhibit 25 items in the Exhibitor's Hall at no additional charge, and 5 days admission to the fair to come and go as you choose. If you choose to exhibit more items there will be a $1 charge per item. Purchasing a mini exhibitor ticket for $15 allows you to exhibit 10 items in the Exhibitor Hall and two admission days into the fair.

4-H/ FFA Members: $10 and Age 9 & Under $10

* Residents of Greene County who are 18+ years of age and are members of the Greene County Agriculture Society are able to exhibit on a membership ticket.